Beaver Projects, Copenhagen, 2007

Sculptures and other objects by Klaus Thejll Jakobsen

Balloons, 2007

Jesmonite, nylonstring, apoxy, size 1:1

Broke at Beaver Projects, 2007

Installation view from Broke at Beaver Projects, 2007

What did I say! - Broken glasses, 2007

Jesmonite, glass, apoxy, size 1:1

Dammit broken front tooth, 2007

Jesmonite, apoxie Sculpt, size 1:1

Spanish guitar with a pair of coconuts, 2007

Jesmonite, apoxy sculpt, nylon string, size 1:1

Whiteboard - Profit, tax fiddle, cheating and swindle, 2007

Jesmonite, apoxy sculpt, size: 120 x 150 cm